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An ASME pressure vessel code in effect today takes into consideration the 'Pressure Vessel Code' (P.V.C.) as a whole and also includes the recently adopted Code Sections of the U-stamp as a part of the whole code. ASME began in 1896 and had set up the P.V.C. in 1929 to meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)'s first pressure vessel code (with the B.P.V.C.). The P.V.C. was revised several times, but the version we have today is from the BPVC 1992 editions. It is governed by ASTM E-1361, Pressure vessel code for pressure vessels, which is based on three agreements, ASTM E-152, Standard guidance for design of pressure vessels and system piping; ASTM E-657, Standard practices for erection, commissioning, and testing of pressure vessels and pressure piping systems (formerly ASTM F-856); and the latest guideline, ASTM F-1573. 1995, the BPVC was revised in the aftermath of an under-pressure inspection resulting in a better understanding of inner surface and internals of these vessels. The latest revision of the BPVC is 2003 – BPVC 1993 edition and will be available in 2004.

The BPVC (applicable to the USA) states: Pressurized vessels are usually cylindrically shaped and the diameter may be any size, but not less than 3¼ and not more than 50½ inch. The high pressure compartment (or shell) may be cylindrically shaped.

Large vessels include tanks, boilers, pressure vessels, water storage tanks (aqueducts), and well casings; medium-sized vessels, also known as intermediate pressure vessels, are boilers, pressure vessels, and underground gas storage tanks; and small vessels, also known as local pressure vessels, are small boilers and pressure vessels. When retrofitting a pressure vessel to accomodate a different operating pressure or a different absolute pressure, the pressure grade is changed to reduce the existing operating pressure to the new grade. Or the vessel may be modified to increase the atmospheric pressure in which it is now operating. d2c66b5586


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