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It's designed to be really easy to use, where you can quickly compose very simple melodies and rhythmic elements using automatic playback, easy scales and chords, melodic sequences and a traditional sequencer. You can also easily create unique and custom sounds. We're going to give you 10 minutes to start. What is your favorite electronic instrument/synthesizer? Let's create a song together. It's easy to import your favorite music to create a warm and rich sound. It's designed to help you compose with ease. Let's start making music!

You've spent hours logging in to your favorite DAW and creating variations on a loop endlessly. There are some instruments out there designed to make your job easier. Odesi makes composing music fun, easy and interesting in a one-stop music composition app.

There are so many instruments to choose from and so many ways to work with them. You can play piano, play guitar, play drums, create melodies with various instruments, record, loop, reverse and much much more. The Odesi synth line has been expanded to the maximum, with the inclusion of several new instruments. We can go in detail about each instrument and how they work.

We can talk about the drum line. But, first let's play something. We can really put instruments to work and hear how they work together. Rythm sounds, synth sounds and vocals all used in a drum. It's a drum! It's a drum with a keyboard. It's a drum with a piano. It's a drum with several synth sounds. d2c66b5586


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