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CoupleSet ring meaning and why it is given as a gift

Engagement ring meaning and the reason why it is given as a present

We buy it, choose it and give it as a present. Do we really understand its meaning? Its history comes from a long way back, and we will tell you more about it shortly. Let's begin by saying that the purpose of the engagement ring is very simple, as well as deeply romantic. This ring signifies both love and marriage vows. It is traditionally given by the man to the woman prior to the wedding.

The shape of the ring shows its significance in our society. This ring is in fact an endless and perfect circle, and is perfectly suited to representing eternal love.

The custom of wearing engagement rings is not as common in other countries like it is here. Giving it to your loved ones is a popular practice in the Western world. In a few South American countries, however, this ring is worn on the right hand instead of the left hand, and then transferred to the left on the day of the wedding.

Why do we give engagement ring as gifts?

To answer this question, we must begin by opening an explanation of the history in a short parenthesis. It is believed that the Romans had the custom of giving a future bride two rings: one made of gold and the other one made of iron, to be worn at home, so as not to damage the gold rings.

As the centuries passed, the ring began to be worn more and more on the finger that is worn on the left hand, as we still do today due to the belief that the vena amoris (vein of love) traversed this finger, directly connecting to the heart.

However, we'll need to wait until the Middle Ages to find traces of the first engagement ring, commissioned in 1477 by the Archduke of Austria Maximilian I for Mary of Burgundy.

In the 20th century, the tradition gradually took hold particularly after the Second World War when the belief spread throughout the United States, that the engagement ring is a must-have present for the engagement, particularly when it is decorated with a diamond.

What is the best way to choose an engagement ring?

Now that we've got a better understanding about the engagement ring and what it means, let's see some tips about how to pick it.

First of all, there aren't any rules. Everyone is free to choose the ring that they prefer depending on their personal tastes and preferences. It is true that there are some kinds of rings that are more popular than others. Particularly, for sealing an engagement, most people choose:

a solitaire, that is an ring on which one stone is set, like a diamond;

A riviere, sometimes referred to veretta, that is a riviere that has multiple stones set;

A half-faith, or ring band that, as the name implies is a smaller ring than the classic wedding ring.

A trilogy ring is a popular choice. It is a gold or platinum ring that is decorated with three precious stones. They are typically brilliants. In the background of a trilogy is also a romantic symbolism since the three stones represent the present, future and past of the engaged couple.

For materials the most sought-after are gold and platinum however, you can find rings in titanium, silver and other metals. Even with precious stones, there is no standard that applies to everyone. despite this, the most coveted classic is definitely the diamond ring. much more common are diamonds with brilliant cuts.

Incorporating other stones into the diamond is not uncommon. In these instances you must pay attention to their meaning.

If you choose an engagement ring with emerald, you will find that it can have multiple meanings. It is a beautiful green stone, which is associated with harmony, elegance and peace. It is also a symbol of loyalty as well as fidelity when given to your girlfriend.

The meaning of aquamarine is quite different. The meaning behind an engagement ring with aquamarine is crucial for a couple as it represents happy and stable love and therefore, is a positive sign for their future together.


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