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Buy Reflective Jacket

Buy Reflective Jacket ===

Buy Reflective Jacket

Explore high visibility safety work jackets and safety coats from Reflective Apparel. Breathable jackets that keep you warm during winter for both men and women including waterproof rain jackets and colors including black, yellow, and orange.

Shop the Welder Reflective Jacket in our signature Reflective Silver color way. This lightweight and versatile windbreaker features a fully reflective quality shell fabric with mesh body lining and polyester sleeve lining. With comfy ribbed...

Jacket is bright and reflects well in low light when a source is shined in it. I have used it as an external shell during chilly or wet weather. I cycle regularly so having a bright high vis shell makes it safer when riding in traffic.Only improvement would be a drawstring at the bottom of the jacket.

I am very happy with this headband! It doesn't slip and is wide enough to cover my complete forehead, which is sometimes difficult to find in a headband. It keeps me warm and I don't even feel like I am wearing a headband! I can't comment on the reflectiveness at this point since I'm the one wearing it. :) I would certainly buy another one!

My wife brought her first illumiNite jacket over 10 years ago and had never found one good enough to replace it until I purchased this one as a Christmas present. She loves this one because it is lightweight and yet it blocks the wind and keeps her nice and warm.

This is the 2 reflective vest from illuminite that my husband has owned. The first one he has used for years and loved it until he broke the zipper ( totally his mistake plus it was well used). I️ ordered a new vest to replace the original one. He is excited to have the newer version. It is great material, he refers to it as a windbreaker. We ordered a larger size so he can wear long sleeves or even a light weight sweatshirt during the colder months. It looks like a fashionable vest until the headlines illuminate the fabric. We both agree that he is safer with it on and much more visible when running early mornings or evenings. Thank you for a well made product that looks good as well.

Whether you are looking for an easy windbreaker, a technical softshell jacket, or a bright waterproof jacket to keep the elements out, you'll find something you like in our range of reflective men's jackets. Our jackets have all the practical amenities like secure zippered pockets, comfortable cuffs and no-chafe collars.

Stylish reflective clothing is hard to find, but we've got a great selection right here! Whether you need an athletic jacket or street wear, you will love our thoughtful fabrics and fit. Our bright, bold reflective women's jackets will keep you visible as you go through your day and night!

Reflective safety vests aren't just for running! Try one of our sewn-in-the-USA vests for late night dog walking or sunrise bike rides! All the technical features of our jackets, plus portable, packable ease of use.

Our reflective running and cycling vests have the coverage to protect your body from the elements without overheating, and large reflective sections keep you noticeable after the sun sets. Try our portable, packable wind and water protection!

Don't forget your legs! Catch drivers' attention by adding reflectivity to moving body parts. We've got lightweight workout shorts and wind stopping winter running tights all with our illumiNITE reflective prints.

Safety. Comfort. Style. When it comes to reflective clothing that helps you stay visible, we don't compromise. With athletic clothing options for women, men, kids and pets, there's a variety of high visibility reflective gear for everyone in the family. Our products range from casual, cozy gear perfect for a stroll in the park to high-performance cycling and running jackets crafted to withstand the rigors of a race. Instead of relying on patches or strips of reflective material that only highlight a small area of your clothing at night, illumiNITE uses an all-in-one ink that lets us create reflective material for easy incorporation into sportswear and accessories. You can truly be reflective all over when you're running, walking or cycling at night! We manufacture most of our products right here in our Massachusetts factory. Our small dedicated team is passionate about creating stylish, effective reflective clothing that keeps people and pets safe while they're enjoying the outdoors.

The interstellar jacket is a modern dog jacket for all the hypepups out there. This jacket not only super cool but it also makes your pet easily visible during evening or late night walks. This jacket is also perfect for rainy walks, because lets be honest No one likes a wet dog that smells like a wet dog.

Riding at dusk or after dark is almost unavoidable, whether you're commuting on short winter days or riding into the spring or summer dusk. Adding some reflective clothing and equipment will help drivers pick you out from the urban visual chaos. These are the best reflective cycling vests we've brought to light in hundreds of hours of night-time riding, along with our picks of other reflective cycling gear.

Like dhb with Flashlight, Proviz has a whole collection of reflective clothing and accessories, even including classic cycling track mitts for warm summer evenings, Lobster gloves for the other end of the weather spectrum and loads more.

The Spatz Roadman 2 overshoes might look odd, but if you ride in wet and cold conditions typical of UK winters, they take comfort to new levels. Just as importantly for our purposes, they have big slabs of reflective on the back, sides and front, so they should attract drivers' attention as you pedal.

Fully reflective jackets are unbeatable for being seen at night, but the reflective fabric tends to be pretty bulky and not very breathable. A reflective gilet is a happy halfway house: you still light up when cars approach, but you're less likely to boil. The ETC Arid Unisex Reflective Gilet is a pretty good option for less aggressive riding. It's hugely effective in terms of its reflective ability. It's a useful extra layer on dark winter mornings or on rides that carry on into (or through) the night, and there's room to wear it over a couple of fairly thick layers if it's bitter out.

ReflecToes may look like a bit of a gimmick with their reflective detailing, but they are a great idea if you find yourself exercising after dark. They are really comfortable too, perfect for long days in the saddle.

If you're commuting to work on a daily basis with a rucksack, then this Lomo 30L High Visibility Backpack Dry Bag is a highly reflective option that will keep your office clothing and sarnies dry. It's made from tough UPVC with welded seams, and there bold reflective chevrons and stripes are very prominent. There are also reflective stripes on the front of the shoulder straps.

I'd really recommend the B'Twin jacket as it does everything so well, and the price tag of 49.99 makes it an excellent purchase if you do a lot of urban riding and want to be seen night and day. This is an exceptionally versatile urban cycling jacket that's good across a wide range of temperatures.

The Hydromatic Brisker from 100% combines all the good bits of the very well-reviewed Brisker Cold Weather, with some of the weather protection of the Hydromatic. A big reflective logo helps drivers see you when you're signalling, or, given that it extends over the first and middle fingers, when you're giving them the Vs.

The Altura Nightvision Typhoon Waterproof Jacket is a development of the justly popular Nightvision series. During a relentlessly wet testing period, our reviewer confirmed this jacket is also highly waterproof as well as reflective, beading up and rolling away the rain after 2-3 hours battling the elements. The drop tail should also save your lower back from the lion's share of spray when riding without mudguards.

The red version we tested features extensive retro-reflective panels at key points to bring the jacket 'alive' when graced by vehicle and street lighting; and our tester found them highly effective, doing a decent job of reinforcing signalling, especially along backroads in the wee small hours.

The successor to Altura's popular Night Vision 20 pannier, this conveniently-sized bag incorporates reflective elements for 360-degree visibility. It mounts with Rixen & Kaul Klickfix fittings, incorporates a padded sleeve for a 13-inch laptop and has a loop for a rear light.

The Flashlight range from Wiggle own-brand dhb includes shorts and jerseys as well as the obvious jackets and tights, all with dhb's distinctive reflective hexagon in strategic positions, and there are extra reflective patches on outer garments like jackets and overshoes. You can even get Flashlight reflective socks.

Endura's Luminite jacket has been a commuting staple for many years. This is the latest version, with big slabs of reflective so it meets the EN 1150 standard (and it looks like only the lack of reflective stripes up the shoulders is keeping it from hitting the higher EN 471 standard too). It's a good choice for the daily schlep to the office. The 2.5 layer fabric is very waterproof with fully taped seams and is breathable too.

These gloves are lightweight (47g), stretchy and have backs covered in lots of tiny reflective dots. High-vis yellow also sits between the fingers. A good choice for enhanced visibility in cold conditions, rather than deep winter.

The most significant point to come out of studies on cyclist visibility is that moving reflectives, on your feet or ankles for example, really do increase your visibility. These simple bands don't cost a lot and wrap around the ankle with Velcro securing them in place. They may not be that fashionable, but if you plan to do a lot of riding in the dark, then they're a sensible idea.

Gloves are a good candidate for adding some hi-vis and that's the idea behind these Proviz Winter Cycling Gloves. Useful for signalling an intent to change direction or lane, there's a large reflective panel on the little finger and across the back of the hand. 59ce067264


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