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Oracle Capacity Planning And Sizing Spreadsheets

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Oracle Capacity Planning And Sizing Spreadsheets

Beyond providing only a bunch of hard numbers, the tool is capable of visualizing the trends and relationships in your environment. It can predict where capacity bottlenecks will occur, and generate realistic capacity needs to ensure that your systems don't fall below target levels of availability or performance.

When generating a capacity plan, Capacity Planner takes into account both your servers and the servers in your environment. Although they are not displayed in the tool, they are used to generate your plan.

In this way you can plan a capacity plan for multiple roles. This means that you can generate a capacity plan for a database, a web server, an application server, and a batch server, all using the same model. In doing so, you can cross-reference the results to facilitate understanding and prediction.

Each of the roles can operate in steady state, growth, and decline states. You can identify when each role will be in a steady state, growth or decline state. In each case, you specify the resource that will be used. d2c66b5586


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