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Legal Teen Sandra

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Legal Teen Sandra

For over two years, the parents of two missing teenage sisters said they had no idea what happened to them after they mysteriously vanished. But it turned out the girls were living less than three hours away the entire time.

Linda Andersen (died January 18, 2003) was the victim of premeditated murder by her two teenage daughters on January 18, 2003, in Mississauga, Ontario. Since both daughters were under the age of 18 at the time of the murder, their identities are protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, a Canadian law. The names Linda Anderson, as well as sisters Sandra and Elizabeth (Beth) Andersen, are aliases created by journalist Bob Mitchell, in an effort to protect the girl's identities in the book he wrote about their mother's murder. The book is The Class Project: How to Kill a Mother: The True Story of Canada's Infamous Bathtub Girls. The sisters are also commonly referred to as the "Bathtub Girls" due to them drowning their mother in a bathtub.

Because of their discontent, the sisters began to search on the Internet for ways to kill their mother. The teenagers believed that by killing their mother, they would be entitled to insurance money of $133,000.[2] This compensation, the sisters resolved, would be spent on a trip with their friends to Europe and to purchase a house. The sisters decided to drown their mother because they believed it would be "fast and unspectacular". After formulating a murder plan, they informed three of their friends, who all encouraged the sisters.[1] The friends remained steadfast in their support of the sisters and did not alert their parents, the police, or other authority figures about the crime.[6]

Law students can get hands-on experience in areas including patent, immigration, and tribal law through about 10 clinics. J.D. candidates also have about 30 student organizations to choose from, some of which are specific to pro bono service, and several legal journals, including the Arizona State Law Journal, Jurimetrics: The Journal of Law, Science, and Technology, Sports and Entertainment Law Journal, and an online journal, the Law Journal for Social Justice.

When a minor becomes pregnant, is it a school's responsibility to notify the parents Sandra Kopels, a lawyer and social worker who is a professor of social work at Illinois and expert in legal and ethical issues affecting social work clients and practitioners, discusses the implications of teen pregnancy notification policies with News Bureau reporter Phil Ciciora.

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Young, ambitious, and intelligent, Sandra O'Connor hoped she would soon find a suitable position in her chosen profession. To her dismay, she discovered that, because of her gender, doors were clo


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