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I am busy with my other work, that is true. Last year, for six months I was away doing English theatre in London and many other places. I am adapting a few English plays into Hindi for my theatre group Tamasha here in India, plus I was doing this film, so I just wasn't free. But having said that, my album is ready but not released because they want many things now - ringtone and downloadable facilities and so one -- and they also want mainly film music. They are not making much album music. I don't understand all these download things. I'm not that clued in technically. We don't even know who is selling us and who is buying us. Why should we be sold free of cost We should get something in return, we should get royalty. I don't need a big break in the industry. I am an established singer, but let's be professional. We should get something in return. It is not only my sad story, it is the same with Daler (Mehndi) or Jagjit Singh.

Subhash Ghai also reminisced about the making of Choli Ke Peeche. He said that the song was actually picked from popular folk songs from Eastern India. "We had never imagined that the song would receive social and political backlash. 1 crore cassettes were sold just within a week of its release. This led to envy from the industry and the song was labelled to be vulgar and faced criticism. When the movie released, a leading newspaper mentioned that the song is beautifully depicted and is one of the iconic scenes of Indian cinema (sic)." 153554b96e


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