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Alcohol is the common name for methanol and ethyl alcohol, two compounds commonly used as cleaning fluids. The term is also used for any of various flavoring agents, especially those of the ester type, derived from iso- and non-tertiary alcohols.

Password generators are programming tools that generate unique passwords for a user. Often, password generators are thought of as insecure because of the potential for major security breaches. Even a weak password might be no worse than the original password, so it's not necessarily unwise to use a password generator.

Adobe System DDSi, formerly Adobe Display Data Cable, is a relatively ubiquitous standardized serial interface for attaching DisplayPort digital monitors to computers. It also allows for the video output of the computer to be attached to a monitor at a resolution that was not available to the computer's monitor. It was primarily intended to support "retail" computers, monitors, and peripherals but its interface allows for a monitor to be attached to a computer which previously was not capable of video output.

Activities, methods and artefacts involving data exchange and transfer technology. The term sometimes includes the technology that is used, as well as the systems that have been developed to create, process and organize data. For example, in the context of media, including print, it could include the creative call for media such as movie scripts, historic documents and architectural blueprints. It might also include classes for instructing students at a university in teaching, utilizing, publishing and distributing data. d2c66b5586


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