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Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual Jmem

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18. Gallagher, Mark A., and Michael Horta. "Cyber joint munitions effectiveness manual (JMEM)." Modeling &Simulation Journal 8 (2013): 5-14. Reprinted in American Intelligence Journal, 31, no. 1 (2014): 73-81.

To ensure capabilities and effects are applied in the appropriate place during each stage of the targeting cycle process, nonkinetic subject matter experts (SMEs) with space, cyberspace, EW, and information operations (IO) must be represented in all AOC divisions. Include a nonkinetic planning cell within the strategy division that assists in a long term, centralized focus to nominate targets. Also, include an nonkinetic analysis and targeting team (NKATT) in the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) division and an NKOC in CPD to integrate with the target effects team and master air attack plans team to deliver requests to the COD to synchronize effects. The nonkinetic duty officer would lead an EW duty officer, space control coordination element, and cyberspace duty officer to coordinate space, cyberspace, and EW fires within the AOC and other components across the joint force. Ensuring the right type of experience is sourced with the correct line remarks in the unit manning document is key to gaining the correct SMEs. Including these teams of nonkinetic SMEs would increase the efficiency and effectiveness of nonkinetic capabilities to improve the planning development and targeting cycle processes.

For this to work, the process of planning for nonkinetic effects needs to happen at target discovery. This starts with approaching the targeting process differently. For the targeting process to successfully integrate all potential effects, properly trained personnel need to be placed in the correct organizational structure to effect change. Once the trained personnel are placed at the right level, more options can be presented to commanders to achieve the desired effects, regardless of dynamic situations that may arise. Having the ability to rapidly transition across multiple domains, through the electromagnetic spectrum, and leverage the appropriate effects will directly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of joint and coalition operations, and drastically increase overall mission success. 153554b96e


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