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Buy Organic Coconut Oil

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Buy Organic Coconut Oil

Extracted from the freshly grated white flesh of the finest coconuts, the Little Rituals Organic Coconut oil is a super moisturizer because it contains lauric acid in high concentration. The cold pressing technique ensures that antioxidants and nutrients are preserved and not lost in processing. Massaging this emollient organic oil increases hydration and skin elasticity to tone, nourish and relax the skin and muscle tissues. This multipurpose oil is also very effective in treating cradle caps as it helps treat dry and flaky skin and nourish the skin on your baby's scalp.

Juka's Organic Co. has partnered up with small scale women farmers from small villages of West Africa to supply their hand selected, virgin, unprocessed, organic Coconut oil. All the women that work with Juka's use the traditional method of coconut oil extraction, cold pressed which is the method that has been used throughout African villages for centuries. The continent of Africa has a lot of sustainable natural food products to offer to the world. Palm trees are part of these villages and have been for centuries; each generation of women produce their palm fruit oil as their main source of income and proudly pass it on to the next. Juka and all her partners strongly

Cold pressed coconut oil offers many health benefits and essential vitamins that the body needs to stay healthy. Many of which includes, MCT which helps our energy level. Vitamin E is great for our skin, hair, and overall body. Antioxidants helps us in many ways, from slowing down aging to helping the body fight free radicals and inflammation. This oil is truly a great oil to add to your daily food or beauty regiments.

Another 2018 study looked at the benefits of coconut oil for those with eczema. The researchers found that coconut oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help protect the skin barrier and stop skin dryness.

Results of that study, published in the December 2013 issue of International Journal of Dermatology, revealed that effects of topical virgin coconut oil applied to the skin for eight weeks improved skin hydration for children with eczema and on baby eczema.

In fact, some people with eczema might have an allergic reaction to coconut oil, which could then exacerbate their symptoms instead of helping them and cause more eczema flare-ups or even increase your risk of infection if eczema becomes severe and is left untreated. Always consult with your health care provider before you use coconut oil, try a new product on your sensitive skin, experiment with natural remedies or even change up your moisturizer.

I just happened upon this marvelous product at a store in Santa Barbara, CA. I mainly use ALL GOOD coconut oil as a facial cleanser. It works wonderfully well! As an added bonus, I refrigerate it when the weather is warm, making my face washing regimen a cooling treat, too. The price is very reasonable because the jar will last a couple of months even when using it twice a day.

I received a free sample from daily goodie box and it is amazing. I gave my baby his normal bath and the second I opened up the package all I could smell was the amazing sweet smell of coconut. I honestly wanted to eat it. I gave him a little massage and it left his skin so smooth and gave his skin a beautiful glow also he smells amazing. I am in love with this coconut oil and will be placing a order so I can continue to use it on my son and also myself. Thank you for making a great organic food for my skin.

i love this product, it helped me to regain my confidence in my skin, hair, and body, since using this product has improved the overall health, tone, and texture of all these parts of body. I used this product as a deep conditioner for my hair and it leaves my thick curls defined, soft, moisturized, and detangled. My curls have never stayed detangled and clumped until I used this product, it's the only organic oil product that actually worked as ad


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