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St Dupont Pen Serial Number Check

St Dupont Pen Serial Number Check >>>>>

If your pen has a serial number, and you are using a modern lighter or wax pencil, then you can never be sure whether the lighter or pencil is authentic, so do not buy those if that is the case.

For the lighter, you can use a magnifying glass to examine the serial number to see if it is evenly spaced and perfectly stamped. If you are in doubt, don't buy.

S. T. Dupont is just one of those companies that has very few remaining original owners. All of the ones I have ever seen come with a certificate of authenticity that states the pen is original.

I guess if you're an antique collector and you want to know the history of your lighter, you could ask the seller to send you the original owner's manual which contains the serial number of the lighter. If it is original, then you can be assured that the lighter is indeed a Dupont lighter, and thus, you can be assured that the lighter is not a knockoff or imitation!

The first number is the year the lighter was manufactured, and the second number is the exact day the lighter was manufactured. Finally, the last three numbers are always 5+3+0. So the lighter was manufactured on July 1, 1950, and the exact day was July 5, 1950. The final three numbers are 5, 3, and 0, which stand for 1955.

Again, the best indicator is to check serial numbers, and if they're unevenly spaced, or the serial number is stamped on a pen's clip, or the buyer won't provide a picture or any other proof other than the serial number, then steer clear.

Ebay also has a catalog of the number range for some of the later DuPont S. T. Dupont accessories, such as the Cristal Deluxe , Cristal Deluxe SWISS , Trident , Trident Deluxe , and Trident Deluxe SWISS .

These accessories are a lot more expensive than the earlier products, yet the serial numbers are only slightly different. They are still engraved on the bottom of the clip of the lighter. The numbers start with #252, then a number, and then a prime symbol (',') and a slash (',') for every additional number. The numbers are always even and never uneven. 827ec27edc


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