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This tool can resize almost all common image formats to JPG or to PNG without quality loss. The default image formats supported are: GIF PNG JPEG TIFF On top of that, it can also create JPG or PNG from your specially cropped JPEG or TIFF images. You don't even need to crop the image yourself. Just set the range of the original image and let this tool learn the shape of the image and crop it automatically. Its result is very good. Besides, you can also use it for creating JPG or PNG in batch from multiple PNG or JPG files in one go.

Evernote is a handy software that allows you to create and save things similar to sticky notes, notes, or to-do notes. It`s completely free and is available on any devices that run the Windows system. Not only that, it`s also useful for managing notes, but it can be used to take notes too. The online notes that you save in Evernote can be accessed over several devices, and you can use load and edit them via browser. You can also save notes for your search queries, which can be a powerful way to organize information. The software can also be used to easily save things related to your interests for later reference, which makes it great for creating personal notes or for keeping your special research notes. Evernote also has integrated to-do lists, audio notes, and reminders, which you can use via the app or via third-party apps on your system. Can it replace sticky notes? Well, that depends on the kind of notes that you need to take.

If you are looking for the best set of tools for Twitter, then you`ll need to start using HootSuite Pro, the premium edition of the popular Twitter software that runs on both Windows and Mac platforms. The software allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single dashboard, create a single Twitter profile, schedule Tweets and Tweets, edit the profile picture or add profile picture from your computer and control access to your Twitter account via the smartphone app or website. HootSuite Pro also saves your previous tweets into a special archive so you can always easily find a Tweet and add it to your Twitter account. d2c66b5586


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