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Consent Is Sexy 1

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Dean occasionally crashes his best friend Castiel's college lectures to take him out to lunch. One day, Castiel decides to demonstrate the "consent is sexy" narrative to his Human Sexuality class, using Dean as his partner.

Implied consent basically means that consent was not expressly given but rather implied by nature of the relationship. In order for you to establish implied consent, you must prove that an existing relationship was entered into within the last two years.

In real life CASL terms that means that a person is given the opportunity to confirm that they want to receive email from you. Usually by way of an opt-in form. This is my favourite kind of consent because it is full of respect and there are no grey areas.

Our Condom Kit covers feature printed instructions on how to use a condom as well as a QR code you can scan with a mobile device to view free online condom use videos. The "Yes Means Yes" condom cover reinforces the affirmative consent standard. Great for health fairs and orientations!

Consent is something that is part of a respectful relationship. It can never be taken for granted, forced or ignored. Sexual consent is being able to freely and willingly say yes or no to any form of sexual activity. It is essential to ask first and respect the answer you are given every time. Remember: Only YES! means yes.

Consent is sexy! Kissing under the mistletoe is an old tradition, from a time before we understood the meaning and importance of consent. Luckily, times have changed and now we have cute handmade mistletoe to remind us that consent is sexy.

As colleges and universities struggle with sexual violence on campus, many have turned to consent. "Affirmative consent," also known as "yes means yes," has become a key part of many institutional policies; it is also the law in the state of California. Affirmative consent has become a cornerstone of many awareness and advocacy campaigns, including the frequently heard "Consent is Sexy" or Columbia University's "Consent is BAE" (Before Anything Else). (1)

In this brief piece, I offer an intersectional feminist critique of consent discourse. Importantly, what follows is a critique, not a criticism. Consent is clearly vital. However, as feminists, it is also essential to think through the larger and perhaps unthought implications of a discourse of consent, which intersect with issues of gender, race, class, and sexuality, as well as access to sexual pleasure.

As it is presented to our students, consent is equally and universally accessible. According to this logic, every individual is equally empowered to say either yes or no to sex; many YouTube videos and student role-playing activities have been dedicated to rehearsing this very situation. Of course, this assumption is founded on the...

Does the idea of asking permission seem like a bit of a mood killer to you In a post- #MeToo era, we all need to address the issue of consent in our sex lives, but how exactly should we go about that I spoke to Dr. Betty Martin, the creator of the Wheel of Consent, and discovered that addressing the issue of consent is far from a turn-off. It is actually a way to expand our capacity for pleasure.

The concept of the wheel may seem a little hard to wrap your head around, which is why the practise of the three minute game is so important. Dr. Martin says,"Understanding and embodying the wheel of consent can only happen through a somatic experience." 1e1e36bf2d


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