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What I do is create a file in my project folder whose name format is :"script_name.". The contents of the script will be saved inside this file and we can use this script to fill data inside this file at the places we want. By default Matlab saves all.m files inside a folder whose name is : "c(path)". So we have to add this project folder inside this c(path). and we can use this path to load the said file and can assume that our project folder is accessible by the Matlab. Wishing a most wonderful Christmas.

hi Steven please can you tell me how to receive an email for cell with sometimes no space or maybe with a double quote. I have a text cell I cant just convert it to text while it is inside a cell. I have to use it in a plot and sometimes I have to put double quotes to use it again

Hi Gil, it's possible to include snippets of code in your posts for the purposes of illustrating a problem or a technique. Once you post your code here, it will be available to others, so you'll be able to edit it and repost it with no problem.

If you can explain why it is important to you, I could give it more attention. If you post to the Mathworks Forums, they may be able to help you more directly. That is always my suggestion. You can always e-mail the forums if you want to discuss the issue further.

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