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I am momentarily thinking of a wikimusic as well, but i think i mean something different as the above. I just would permit free music (PD, GFDL, CC-free etc). At the moment that will mean classical music, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart etc. People dead over 70 years. And I would like to add three major topics with every musicpiece, to know: The audio, the score and in some cases the tekst. This would prefer some kind of wiki-notation for notes, but easier than the way as it is now (see ). I am still trying to prepare a plan, and I would like to hear more ideas, what people think of it. I leave here this, but I will probably not check this page a lot of times. Therefor, please give reactions on my nl.wp-usertalk, my talk at nl.wp, or email me, effeietsanders AT wikipedia DOT be . I will approach some users as well in the future, but I can not guarentuee that I will find you. So, if you know about music, if you are interested in music, help with ideas to make an acceptable plan for this whole procedure. Free the music! (As I understood, a quote from Jimbo). Effeietsanders talk 781b155fdc


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