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Tour Of Duty In Hindi Download

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Tour Of Duty In Hindi Download

Tour of Duty: A thrilling war drama series that you can watch online

Tour of Duty is an American television series that aired from 1987 to 1990. It was the first TV series about the Vietnam War, focusing on a single platoon of young U.S. soldiers during their one-year tour of combat duty in Vietnam during the late 1960s. The series starred Terence Knox, Stephen Caffrey, Joshua Maurer, Steve Akahoshi, Tony Becker, Eric Bruskotter, Stan Foster, Ramon Franco, Miguel A. Nunez Jr. and Kevin Conroy as the infantrymen who represent diverse racial, cultural and philosophical backgrounds that must ultimately depend on one another to face enemy troops and survive in the hostile Southeast Asian terrain.

The series was praised for its realistic portrayal of the war and its human side, showing the camaraderie, courage, fear, trauma and moral dilemmas of the men who gave their all for their country. The series also featured a memorable soundtrack of songs from the era, such as "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones, "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" by The Animals and "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix.

If you are interested in watching this series online, you have some options. You can stream all 21 episodes of the first season on fuboTV or Crackle for free. You can also rent or buy individual episodes or seasons on Amazon Prime Video or iTunes. However, these options are only available in English.

If you want to watch Tour of Duty in Hindi, you may have to look for other sources. One possible website is Gk Mirror, which has an article explaining what Tour of Duty is and why it is relevant for Indian youth. The article also provides a link to download the series in Hindi dubbed version. However, we cannot guarantee the quality or legality of this source, so proceed at your own risk.

Tour of Duty is a classic war drama series that will keep you hooked with its action-packed scenes and emotional stories. If you are a fan of this genre, you should definitely give it a try.

Some of the highlights of the first season of Tour of Duty are:

The pilot episode, where Sgt. Anderson recruits some fresh troops before going on a mission to find the enemy units that hit them in a nighttime raid.

The episode "Notes from the Underground", where the platoon is ambushed by the NVA, who seem to vanish before they can be intercepted. The platoon then discovers a vast underground tunnel system used by the enemy.

The episode "Burn Baby, Burn", where racial tensions erupt within the platoon after one of the men is found dead and Johnson is suspected of killing him.

The episode "Brothers, Fathers and Sons", where Anderson, Johnson and Baker's helicopter is shot down and they find an orphaned baby while fleeing from a vengeful father.

The episode "Nowhere to Run", where the platoon is under attack by the VC and Lt. Goldman reconnects with an old flame.

The first season of Tour of Duty was nominated for three Emmy Awards and won one for Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series. It also received positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. The series was praised for its authenticity, realism and sensitivity in depicting the Vietnam War and its impact on the soldiers and civilians involved. aa16f39245


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