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You might hear someone described as unsettled to mean they have no stable home or base. The term unsettled is sometimes used to describe refugees or migrants from warring nations who are forced to leave their homes. The 2019 movie Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America is an example of this usage. The film deals with several LGBTQ+ refugees fleeing their home nations to live in a more accepting United States.

Occasionally, we also experience extended periods of quiet weather where high pressure is dominating the weather pattern. This type of weather is not called unsettled. The prevailing weather pattern in this set-up is stable.

We live in a world of worry. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, having driven reversals in human development in almost every country, continues to spin off variants unpredictably. War in Ukraine and elsewhere has created more human suffering. Record-breaking temperatures, fires, storms and floods sound the alarm of planetary systems increasingly out of whack. Together, they are fuelling a cost-of-living crisis felt around the world, painting a picture of uncertain times and unsettled lives. 59ce067264


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