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Under The Green Hill Book

Under The Green Hill Book ->>>

Those fantasies soon pale when they discover that their family is part of an ancient pact connecting them to the fairies who live under the green hill. When they realize that one of them must act as champion to the fairy queen in a coming battle, they all decide to do what they can to help out.

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And this cult of blind action, this glorification of the dangerous life of hunting and fishing, is keeping Hemingway from deserving people, from writing about the life of his times. His animus against "New York literary men" is part of a general animus against ideas. He is fretful when his contemporaries get interested in philosophical and moral problems. For all his talk about seeing things "truly," he is not really interested in the underlying aspects, the fundamental meaning, of the human comedy--or tragedy. His book is all attitude, all Byronic posturing.

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