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Carrier Reefer Manager Software 21


Carrier Reefer Manager Software 21

Carrier Reefer Manager Software 21: A Powerful Solution for Refrigerated Container Monitoring and Control

Carrier Transicold, a leading provider of refrigeration solutions for the transport industry, has recently launched its latest software update for its Reefer Manager Software. The Carrier Reefer Manager Software 21 is a comprehensive tool that allows users to program, monitor, and report environmental conditions of refrigerated containers using a PC or laptop.

The Carrier Reefer Manager Software 21 is compatible with all Carrier Transicold container units that have a Micro-Link 2i, 2+, 3, or 5 controller. It can also communicate with other brands of container units that use the SAE J1939 protocol. The software can be connected to the container units via a serial port, a USB port, or a wireless network.

Some of the key features and benefits of the Carrier Reefer Manager Software 21 are:

It allows users to create and edit operational profiles for different types of cargo, such as fresh produce, frozen food, pharmaceuticals, etc. Users can also download and upload profiles to and from the container units.

It enables users to monitor and control various parameters of the container units, such as temperature, humidity, ventilation, power mode, alarms, etc. Users can also view historical data and graphs of the container performance.

It provides users with detailed reports of the container conditions, such as temperature records, alarm logs, event logs, etc. Users can also export and print the reports in various formats.

It integrates with the Lynxâ Fleet telematics solution, which is a cloud-based platform that connects the cold chain in the cloud and provides real-time visibility and insights throughout the cargo journey. Users can access the Lynx Fleet features from the Carrier Reefer Manager Software 21 interface.

It supports multiple languages, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, etc.

The Carrier Reefer Manager Software 21 is a user-friendly and versatile software that can help users optimize their refrigerated container operations and ensure the quality and safety of their cargo. The software is available for download from the Carrier website for licensed customers only. For more information about the Carrier Reefer Manager Software 21 and other data tools from Carrier Transicold, please visit

Refrigerated containers are not only useful for transporting goods, but also for storing them. They can provide a temporary or permanent storage solution for various industries and businesses that need to preserve their products at a certain temperature and humidity level. Refrigerated containers can also serve as backup storage in case of power outages or emergencies.

Refrigerated containers are also versatile and adaptable to different needs and situations. They can be customized with different features and accessories, such as shelving, lighting, ventilation, alarms, locks, etc. They can also be modified to create controlled or modified atmosphere (CA/MA) reefers, which can adjust the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels inside the container to slow down the ripening process of fruits and vegetables.

Refrigerated containers are essential for the global trade of perishable goods. They enable the shipment of fresh and frozen products across long distances and different climates, while maintaining their quality and safety. Refrigerated containers also help meet the growing demand for diverse and exotic food products around the world.

Refrigerated containers are not only beneficial for the food industry, but also for other sectors that require temperature-controlled transportation and storage. For example, refrigerated containers are used to transport and store medical products and pharmaceuticals that need to be kept at a specific temperature range to prevent spoilage or contamination. Refrige


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