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Viewsonic Monitor Driver Ubuntu Desktop Sharing ((FULL))

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However, updating drivers is not as clear-cut as you might expect. You still need to find the model number of your monitor, find a source for said drivers, and find the latest version. If you think that it sounds a bit complicated, it is.Fortunately, there is no shortage of tools that will allow you to automatically update your monitor drivers. One such tool is DriverSupport.

Before you start your calibration efforts, install the latest NVIDIA display drivers from , set your screen resolution to its native resolution, for example 1920x1080 on a 1920x1080 monitor, and let your monitor warm up for 20-30 minutes (some may take longer, others less so) to ensure it's operating to its full capabilities. If you're unfamiliar with changing resolutions, right click the desktop, select "NVIDIA Control Panel", navigate to the "Change Resolution" tab, and select the resolution in the list that says "(native)".

Follow this procedure to manually install a monitor driver. IMPORTANT: The monitor setup file must be obtained before performing this procedure. Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel . In the Control Panel window, under Pick a category , double-click the Appearance and Themes icon. In the Appearance and Themes window, under or pick a Control Panel icon , double-click the Display icon. In the Display Properties window, click the Settings tab. On the Settings tab, click the Advanced button. In the Default Monitor window, click the Monitor tab. On the Monitor tab, click the Properties button. In the Default Monitor Properties window, click the Driver tab. On the Driver tab, click the Update Driver button. In the Hardware Update Wizard window, click to select Install from a list . Click the Next button. In the Choose your search window, click to select Don't search . Click the Next button. In the Select the device driver . window, click the Have Disk button. In the Install From Disk window, click the Browse button. Navigate to the location of the setup file for the monitor to be installed. NOTE: The setup file will have an .INF file extension. Click to select the monitor setup file. Click the Open button. In the Install From Disk window, click the OK button. In the Select the device driver window, click the Next button. In the Completing the Hardware Update window, click the Finish button. "}],"keywords":["."],"operatingSystems":["name":"Windows XP"],"countries":["CA","US"],"region":"US","hidden":false,"lastModifiedDate":"Wed, 24 Jul 2019 00:21:30 GMT","isInternal":false,"hideModels":false,"isSelfDiagnosis":false,"isInternalDirectContent":false,"catalog":"Accessories":"Personal Computer Accessories":"Computer Monitors-Stands":,"taggedModels":[]}};window.__CTX__ = window.__CTX__ ;window.__COMPONENT_CONFIG__ = window.__COMPONENT_CONFIG__ ;window.__I18N__ = window.__I18N__ ;window.__CTX__.react_client_head_tags ="module":"isCritical":false;window.__COMPONENT_CONFIG__.react_client_head_tags ="portal":"protocol":"https","support_additionalVisibleModulesInLiteMode":[];window.__I18N__.react_client_head_tags = 1 ","product.primaryShot.alt_text.template":"Picture of 0","JP.region_displayName":"","buy.button.disabled.text":"Currently not available","header.typeAheadSupportResultsTitle":"Support","":"Bosnian","flowplayer.language.xz":"Simplified Chinese","en_AU.displayName":"Australia","title_with_results_manual":"Search Results ;window.__PRELOADED_STATE__ = window.__PRELOADED_STATE__ ;window.__PRELOADED_STATE__.location ="pathname":"\/electronics\/support\/articles\/00027843","query":; ="type":"articleDetails","searchByType":"none","typeAlias":null,"origin":"server","hasError":false,"isLoading":false,"isLoadingPartialContent":false,"location":"pathname":"\/electronics\/support\/articles\/00027843","query":,"params":"articleFamilyId":"00027843","cookie":"","locale":"en_US";window.__CTX__ = window.__CTX__ ;window.__COMPONENT_CONFIG__ = window.__COMP


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