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When the year turns over and your schedule resets, a cute agenda or monthly planner is a self-care necessity! Ourvibrant floral planners,office supplies and happy planner accessories (like planner stickers and notepads) arejust what you need to stay stylish and organized all year long.

Indulge your inner DIY scrapbook queen by customizing your paper planner with our cute planner accessories. Ourstylish pens, pencil cases, and accessories like sticky notes, stickers, and snap-in planner folders in classicLilly prints are designed to complement an agenda planner of any size or cover design.

No matter how or when you like to plan, Lilly has cute planners in every size and style. Want a calendar thatwill fit in a purse or jacket pocket Try one of our medium sized planners. Want something that has space forassignments, to-do lists, and doodles Shop our large sized planners. Or browse our jumbo sized planners whenyou know you need a notebook you can spread out on your desk to hold all your thoughts, dreams, and importantdates.

Get inspired with Lilly Pulitzer journals and planners available at Belk. Whether you need to organize your busy schedule, keep track of your workout regimen or take notes in a meeting, the bold design of a Lilly Pulitzer planner or journal is sure to brighten your day.

As I mentioned in my last post (My Erin Condren Life Planner Review), I ended up getting two planners this year: one for school and one for the blog. After deciding on the Erin Condren for my school planner, I had to choose a planner for the blog!

Most people who own an Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinterest probably see on the first of every month the divider for each new month of a Lilly Pulitzer agenda. If you haven't, here is an example! But what do you do when the year is over and you don't use your old agenda People are so creative with DIYs for the dividers from each month, it's always interesting to see how these pieces of Lilly paper are used. With my past planners, I have made a monogram collage, and this year I made a paper flag banner for my apartment! But there's so many great ideas on how to use them, here is what I've done with mine and some of my favorites others have done!I did this for my freshman year dorm, I took 2 old agendas and I put all of the squares onto a poster board and put a ribbon to hang it from. I made the monogram with a program called GIMP, printed it, cut it out and just glued it on top of the squares!This year I cut a triangle from the divider pages from my past 2 agendas, hole punched them on either side and ran a ribbon through each banner!I'm going to include more details about the prints on the wall in a future post!Here are some other great DIY ideas:SourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceThanks for reading!

I'd like to start off with the confession that I have tried most, if not all, of these daily planners. As someone with a terrible memory and an obsession with to-do lists, an intense planner is incredibly necessary to get me through each month, and pretty much each day.

While there are a million different types of planners out there, they pretty much do the same thing. Some qualities may be more important than others, depending on your degree of reliance on your planner and the kinds of things you want to use it for. There are planners with a monthly calendar, a weekly breakdown, and some with incredible designs and trendy stickers. If you're looking for a little more organization, or some motivation to actually get ish done, one of these planners might be the right move for you.

If this planner was a resort, it would be a five-star. It comes with everything you need (monthly calendar, weekly organizer with sufficient room for each day) in addition to things you never knew you needed (customized stickers, encouraging quotes, designs on each page).

If you're looking for something a little bit trendier and a little less overwhelming, you've come to


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