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We have a mortgage of 200,000 and no other loans. We are very capable of meeting our monthly mortgage repayments and I believe that the move of reducing our mortgage by the amount of the lump sum would be a waste of a potential investment opportunity. Am I correct If so, what investment advice would you give to a very cautious amateur

I sat there trasfixed over my Kit-Kat and cup of tea, almost wishing Iwasn't hearing this. I couldn't understand a single word, and yet this thingseemed to be liquidizing my soul. A group of girls from New York singing insupernatural harmony and involved in their own kind of revival: the music ofBulgaria. [I have tracked down this record, and have discovered that, indeed,The Pennywhistlers managed to create an extraordinarily accurate reproduction ofthe authentic a cappella female vocal-group sound which more recent converts toBulgarian music have become acquainted with through the recordings of TheBulgarian State Radio and Television Female Vocal Choir and The Trio Bulgarka.Their voices lack perhaps a little of the Bulgarians' original power, but theirelocution and musicality seem, to this amateur enthusiast, at least, veryconvincing.]

By the time I had played the album continuously three or four times, thesnow was pouring down. A young couple came into the shop--if you would like thedetails, the man looked a bit like a Swedish Tom Petty in an Afghan coat, whichwas a rare garment in those days, and the young lady was small with short darkhair and very beautiful. They were my first customers of the day. I said,

Other helpful folk include: Joe Boyd, Sally Reeves, Judy Greenwell,Borimira Nedeva, Rumyana Tzintzarska, Nellie Tzvetkova, Fred Muller, ZandraMarkus, Patrick Jauneaud, John Porter, Mitra and Lubimka Bisserov [The Bisserovsare another, younger Bulgarian female vocal ensemble who became friends withKate during her involvement with the Bulgarians' concerts in England andEurope], Melanie Spriggs, Professor Lee Saunders, Jim and Haydn [Bendall] andKen from Abbey Road Studios, Roy and Jacqui Harper, Dave and Toni Arthur, ChrisThomas and Ian of Audio-Venue, Guy Marriot, Dr. Smola & Dr. Crausse ofSupraphon Records, Dave Clancey of Casio, Rev. Normal [this last is an insidejoke: the Reverend Normal is a character in some of Del's and Paddy's articlesfrom earlier issues of the Newsletter.] Thank you for your kindness and help.

Mention the words "travel photography" and most people think of the innumerable ads that show bronzed young couples walking hand in hand along pristine Caribbean beaches. Or, on a more personal level, those fuzzy shots of Dad saying "cheese" while stiffly posed by the Washington Monument, the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty . . .

When not an assignment for magazines, often with her husband, Landt Dennis, as a writer-photographer team, she advises amateurs on how they can achieve artistic results of their own. Every summer she conducts two workshops on travel photography in Santa Fe, N.M., and is the author of "How to Take Better Travel Photos (HP Books, $7.95), a handsome manual in which her own photos and the experiences behind them are used as case studies.

Between assignments, relaxing in the cozy, electric New York apartment that serves as the Dennis's home base, she mulls over the question of whether or not good travel photography is within the reach of most amateurs.

"If you mean good from a technical standpoint, the answer is yes, absolutely, " she says. "The cameras today are so fully automatic that, from a technical standpoint, it's tough to go wrong. What technology has done is put the amateurs on the doorstep of getting creative travel photos."

One of them is a beguiling shot of a brilliantly dressed Guatemalan girl, a picture she has title "The Prima Dona." After learning that women of Nebaj, Guatemala, are famous for their colorful handwoven garb, Ms. Dennis made an arduous five-hour drive up twisting mountain roads to photograph them. But when she got there, she found that young girls would agree to be photographed only to giggle and run off before she could press the shutter.

In her workshops ms. Dennis gently but firmly steers her students away from the usual generic shots of sunsets and couples on the beach and toward developing a personal style. Part of her own style is to zoom in on detail -- a geranium planted in a Swiss hiking boot, the striped tail of a Caribbean rainbow fish, a Portuguese window -- small items that make a cultural statement in a way a panoramic landscape often does not.

Ms. Dennis finds it ironic that although travel photography is the medium's most practiced form -- Kodak estimates that it accounts for 70 percent of all pictures taken -- it is the least respected and understood. "Even with all the current hoopla about photography as an art form, travel photography as a field is still stuck in the 1950s. Academics regard it as something amateurs do on their vacations and therefore as something not be taken seriously. But because it is the domain of the amateur, it is the 20th-century form of folk art, our era's quilt."

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