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Seagull Ces 50 Marine Cadet

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Seagull Ces 50 Marine Cadet

Seagull provides a variety of courses covering many elements of the marine industry, such as crisis and crowd management, integrated navigation systems, and ballast water management. These courses combine academic information with practical activities to provide sailors with the maximum exposure possible. As such, both aspects of the course are tested during this crew evaluation test.

The above mentioned training simulators are interactive i.e. they enable the realistic presentation of the marine power plant equipment functioning. The simulators are equipped with control panels and system installation diagrams. The control panels contain push-buttons, switches, pressure gauges as well as control and alarm lamps. The control panels and the main switchboard were intentionally designed to be as close as possible to the real equipment design.

Plans and checklists form the most integral part of the implementation procedure of the ISM code on ships. Checklists for safe starting and stopping of shipboard machinery, along with plans to carry out various work procedures on board ship ensures the safety of the ship and marine environment. 153554b96e


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