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Partnership for a better tomorrow; sponsorship for equal opportunity today.

BCL seeks to make partnerships with individuals, companies, and organizations whom share the same common goal of a better today, and tomorrow, by providing equal opportunities for all children, regardless of economic background.  We strive to reach all children through our hands on and innovative learning program, and believe firmly that to achieve our mission of connecting, empowering, and inspiring students to become global citizens who will help to build a cohesive, entrepreneurial, and environmentally consciousness society, that all children must be given equal opportunities. 


Which is why, at BCL, we focus heavily on our efforts to create partnerships that will link and connect students and sectors of different backgrounds, in order to find common ground, come together, and focus on achieving a better, more equal, present and future.


Currently, we seek to make partnerships and find sponsors for 2 – 4 students from low income families, ages 6 – 13.  


What We Hope to Achieve Together

Our dream at BCL is simple.  We want to be a part of the change, we want to make a positive impact, we want to connect and inspire students and families from all walks of life, we want to spread harmony instead of discord. 


To do this, we believe deeply that quality education should not be limited by economic status.  All students should receive equal chances in life.  At BCL, we create and maintain, to the best of our ability, an educational environment for our students and families that emulates the type of world we hope to see. 


We hope that our students and families will carry with them, as they continue on in their life’s journey, not only the standard learning objectives that they received from BCL, but also the lessons that were much less tangible, but equally important.  We hope our students gain the ability to go forth into the word, and contribute positively by applying the less tangible lessens of what a community should be, that was fostered in them while at BCL. 

  • A community of compassion and empathy – realizing that we may not always understand or agree with someone else’s perspective, but that we are all still equally worthy of compassion and empathy.

  • A community of unity and harmony – realizing that we may not all come from the same place, look the same, believe the same, or act the same, but understanding that is what makes us unique, and that together, we are stronger.

  • A community of hard workers and problem solvers – realizing that self-worth doesn’t stem from complacency, but instead is derived from putting in the work and recognizing solutions, whether it is externally or internally.

  • A community of people who can accept responsibility for their mistakes and learn from them – realizing that mistakes are an important part of life, and often provide the best learning opportunities.

  • A community of globally and environmentally minded human beings – realizing that every action has an equal reaction, and therefore understanding that we must always be mindful of how our actions impact the world around us.


Stronger Together

Children Playing


Follow along with our young learners, check out what they have been up to, and receive information on how your sponsor is making a change in their lives


We would love to get students involved in our sponsors work.  Whether it be advising us on a fundraiser and teaching us the necessary accounting skills, "hiring" our students as consultants to set up recycling in your offices, or other projects that bring our students and sponsors together in their learning. By sharing your passions with our students, helping them obtain real life experiences, and broadening their horizons beyond the walls of a classroom, we all gain infinitely.

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Let's gather data and quantify how our partnerships are making a difference in our students and families lives.  Periodically throughout the year, students and families will be given short surveys in order for us to observe and track how certain social emotional aspects of their lives have changed, and where we need to improve upon.


For more information, please contact us, so that we can start an open and transparent conversation about our partnership together, and our common goal of making a positive difference.



A Community of Growth

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