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Wrestling 2014 Korean Movie English Subtitle ((EXCLUSIVE)) Download

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Wrestling 2014 Korean Movie English Subtitle ((EXCLUSIVE)) Download

Wrestling 2014: A Korean Movie That Fails to Impress

Wrestling 2014 is a Korean movie that was released in 2014. It is a drama about a young man who joins a wrestling club to impress a girl he likes. However, he soon realizes that wrestling is not as easy as he thought, and he has to face many challenges and hardships along the way.

The movie is supposed to be a coming-of-age story that explores the themes of friendship, love, and passion. However, according to some reviews, the movie fails to deliver on its promise. The plot is weak, the characters are bland, and the wrestling scenes are boring. The movie has been criticized for being too long, too slow, and too predictable.

One review from Besok Sore[^2^] says: "Nggak bagus. Nggak usah ditonton. Saya yang buat tulisan aja sampai bingung mau nulis apaan. Tapi kalau nggak dibuat ulasannya sayang juga. Sudah ada menit-menit dalam hidup saya yang dialokasikan untuk nonton film ini." (Not good. Don't watch it. I'm writing this review and I don't know what to write. But if I don't write a review, it's a waste. I already spent minutes of my life watching this movie.)

If you are looking for a Korean movie that will entertain you and inspire you, Wrestling 2014 is not the one for you. You might want to skip this movie and look for other options instead.The movie stars Choi Sung-Guk as Hae-Joo, an art professor who is in a relationship with one of his students, Eun-Hee, played by Song Eun-Chae. However, their relationship is not very stable, as Hae-Joo is often distracted by other women and Eun-Hee is insecure about her appearance. One day, Hae-Joo meets Kang Shin-Hye, a sexy and confident woman who works at a wrestling club. He is instantly attracted to her and decides to join the club to get closer to her. However, he soon finds out that wrestling is not a simple sport, but a brutal and painful one. He has to endure rigorous training, fierce competition, and injuries. He also has to deal with the jealousy of Eun-Hee and the rivalry of Shin-Hye's ex-boyfriend.

The movie tries to balance comedy and romance, but it does not succeed in either. The comedy is mostly based on crude jokes, slapstick humor, and sexual innuendos. The romance is shallow and unconvincing, as the characters lack chemistry and development. The movie also fails to portray wrestling in a realistic and respectful way. The wrestling scenes are poorly choreographed, edited, and filmed. The movie does not show the skills, techniques, or rules of wrestling, but only focuses on the violence and bloodshed. The movie also does not explore the motivations or backgrounds of the wrestlers, but only stereotypes them as thugs or losers.

The movie features some well-known actors in the Korean entertainment industry, such as Choi Sung-Guk, who is known for his roles in dramas like \"All In\" and \"Stairway to Heaven\", and Song Eun-Chae, who is known for her roles in movies like \"The Classic\" and \"My Tutor Friend 2\". However, their performances are not enough to save the movie from its flaws. The movie also has a cameo appearance by Ha Na-Kyung, who plays Shin-Hye's friend and co-worker at the wrestling club. 9160f4acd4


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